Designing Tips From Moody & Regan Printers
Designing your printed piece. (Tips of the Trade)

1 Unless the piece is going to bleed (that’s when the color goes off the edge of the paper) try not to get too close to the edge of the sheet. We like to have at least a 1/4 inch (3/8 is better) border around a pamphlet, and 3/16 around the edge of a business card. Any closer than that leads the eye off the edge of the sheet, and away from all your trying to say.
2 Font sizes. Sometimes you may have so much information that you need to squeeze into a small space that you end up going tiny, tiny. In these cases, try experimenting with fonts that are easily readable when small, such as Helvetica.
3 Speaking of fonts, there are so many of these wonderful elements that one can easily get overwhelmed by the choices! Take a moment to think about what is more important, the message you are trying to convey, or how many fonts you can get on one sheet! Too many fonts in your text tends to get a little crazy, while a few well placed choices promotes unity and rhythm.
4 Spell Check. This one’s a biggy. Everyone gets crazy busy, and after staring at the screen trying to get that important letter out they miss one of the most important steps. After taking the time to work on your piece, take a minute to do spell check, paying close attention to names and phone numbers.
5 Keep the end result in mind. Is your piece folding after it is printed?
Do you need to apply mailing labels?
Know the end result so you can design with that in mind.
Give us a call with any finish specifications you may need, as well as help with design software and suggestions.

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